Book technical equipment/support

Fill out this form if you require equipment or support for an upcoming event. In order for us at the Campus management to give you the best possible service, please send in the form well in advance and no later than two weeks before the event. Once we have received this booking notification, we will contact you as soon as we can. Information about what technical equipment is available in our premises can be found on Campus Management's website.

Your contact details

About the event

Does the venue need to be refurnished?

Is the event beeing broadcasted via Zoom? (please note that you need to manage the Zoom programme yourselves)

Do you need to borrow a film camera in order to broadcast your event via Zoom?

Have you booked a film team for filmning the event

Do you need to borrow additional computers for example in order to show a powerpoint presentation or manage a Zoom room

Technical experience and requirements

We have great experience of such an event and do only need to book the equipment

We are a little less confident and would like some help setting up the equipment and that technically support is available on the phone

We are completely unfamiliar with technology and require help through out the event (please note that this may incur additional costs)

We would like to meet up before the event and go through the technical details

Last modified: 2021-03-25