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Access card

An access card is required to access University premises. Access to premises depends on what courses you are currently registered for. If you are registered for a course at any of the departments within Campus Gamla Torget you can obtain a card at our Reception at Gamla Torget 6 (Badhuset). The card is valid for the entirety of your time as a student and it is automatically updated for access at course registrations.

The access card is your "key" to the university and shall be handled as such.

* The access card may not be used by another person.
* You may not do any damage to the card.
* Access card and personal code should not be kept together.
* Do not let any unauthorized person in to the campus premises with your access card.
* You must follow the instructions/safety rules that exist for the different campuses/facilities.
* Loss of access card shall immediately be reported to Campus Management.

The personal pin code that you choose for your access card should not be connected to your Swedish social security number or be too "simple", e.g. 1234, 8888.

Please note! You can use your access card for printing and copying with the "Korint" system - do not forget to unregister the card from Korint if you happen to loose your card! See for further information.