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Printing and copying

Korint is a print, scan and photocopying system for students and employees at Uppsala University. For easy login at a Korint machine you are encouraged to register your access card as a key:

  1. At a Korint machine, swipe the access card ONCE at the label "Place card here".
  2. As the card still is unknown to Korint, the machine will answer "User ID is incorrect...". Press "OK" on the display.
  3. After approx. 10-15 sec you the machine will print a registration paper (please have patience as it sometimes takes a little longer). The registration code on the paper is valid for 6 hours.
  4. Go to the Korint homepage,, and login with your UU-ID and password A.
  5. Fill in the code from the paper and click the button "Register". Your access card is now activated.

To use your card to pay for printouts, you have to register a PayEx account.

Open a web browser and go to the Korint homepage,, and click the button "Register PayEx account".

If you already have a PayEx account click the button "Student with PayEx account".

If you want to create a new PayEx account click the button "Student without PayEx account".

Follow the information on the screen.

Please observe that the email address that is registered as your login name at PayEx is your student account address:

You will receive a welcoming e-mail from PayEx. In this e-mail you will find a login link and a one-time-password. On the first login to PayEx your will have to confirm your identity, due to law within EU. Please follow the instructions shown.

If there is some malfunction with a Korint machine, if it needs a paper refill or if there is some paper stuck in it etc., this should be reported to the Korint support (see below). Please, do not leave the copying machines malfunctioning!

For more information about Korint and for price information, please visit
For Korint support call 018-471 78 90, or email
For PayEx support call 0498-20 20 27, or email